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Organic Gently Dried Whole Apricots

Firm and chewy, sun dried organic apricots, with a gentle caramelly sweetness that is immensely satisfying. Box of 10x35g individual bags.

    1. Perfect as a healthy snack or as a delicious addition to yogurt and cereal
    2. Nutritionally thought out so that each pack is portion controlled and equal to a full helping of fruit 
    3. Loaded with naturally occurring essential vitamins and minerals
    4. Naturally gluten free, nut free, vegan, and a good source of fibre & iron
    5. Ideal for lunch boxes, in the car or for nibbling at your desk
    6. Wrappers are made from a ground breaking new OPRL approved paper, that can simply be recycled at home, leaving no plastic waste

From farm to table - the journey of our dried apricot

Wallaroo organic apricots are cultivated in small community farms, then harvested when fully ripe, and sun dried. The fruit is hand sorted and carefully packed to ensure that only the freshest in season produce finds it's way into each of our packs, making for the perfect anytime snack.

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Questions about our organic dried apricots?

Wallaroo organic dried apricots are vegan, gluten free, nut free and non-gmo. All our fruit is certified organic and dried and handled under BRCGS regulations, ensuring that we adhere to the highest quality and safety requirements right though our supply chain.

Organic certification guarantees:

Climate and environment protection, conservation of soil fertility, preservation of biodiversity, respect of natural cycles and animal welfare, absence of use of chemical and synthetic products, absence of GMO, and transparent labelling for consumers.

Our fruits need a lot of sunshine to perfectly ripen and develop that depth of flavour and juiciness you get when you munch on a packet of Wallaroo. We work directly with growers in Turkey to ensure that every pack of Wallaroo is made up of this exceptional quality of fruit.

The packs are designed to be consumed in one go. Our organic dried apricots will begin to become slightly stiff the longer it is exposed to air but will remain perfectly edible. We recommend that you store opened packs in an airtight container and consume within five days.

For queries about ordering, deliveries and more, please refer to our detailed FAQ page here

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