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Wallaroo organic pineapple chunks are delicious
ripe pineapple plants

Where it all begins

Our products are grown in small community farms that have been looked after by the same families for generations.

When the fruit is perfectly ripe, it is harvested and moved to a state of the art BRCGS* certified drying facility located right next to the fields to ensure that only the freshest fruit is used and food waste during transportation is minimised.

(*BRCGS requires some of the highest standards of food safety in the world. You can read more about these here.)

State of the art drying

In the drying facility, the fruit is cut by hand and dried using sustainable solar power.

Using a technique that has come down from the Romans, the drying process ensures that nothing further needs to be added. No sugar, salt, preservatives or sulphites! Just pure natural organic goodness.

Wallaroo products being made
Wallaroo packaging is fully home compostable certified by TUV


The finished product is shipped from the processing centre via sea, keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.

We use certified home compostable packaging or FSC certified paper packaging for all Wallaroo products. This means that our packaging does not contain any plastic and does not harm the environment.

Once packed, these are carefully stored and ready to be moved to stores!

On its way to you

Wallaroo is moved in large pallets to different stores where helpful store hands stack these on the shelf for you to pick.

If ordering online, the packets are collected and put into recyclable boxes and shipped out to you to enjoy!

Wallaroo outer box for organic pineapple chunks