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Tasting Bundle - Organic Dried Whole Apricots

Firm and chewy, sun dried organic apricots, with a gentle caramelly sweetness that is immensely satisfying. Your tasting selection contains 3 bags of snacks. Box of 3x35g bags.

    1. Perfect as a snack or as a delicious tropical addition to yogurt and cereal
    2. Nutritionally thought out so that each pack is portion controlled and equal to a full helping of fruit 
    3. Loaded with naturally occurring essential vitamins and minerals
    4. Naturally gluten free, nut free, vegan, and a good source of fibre & iron
    5. Ideal for lunch boxes, in the car or for nibbling at your desk
    6. Wrappers are made from a ground breaking new OPRL approved paper, that can simply be recycled at home, leaving no plastic waste