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Wallaroo Launch Press Release 2018

As parents with busy lives, we often struggled to find food options that appealed to our child. We had some control over what we cooked at home, but it was difficult to keep up with the ever frequent ‘can I have a snack' requests that were really just code for 'I want something that comes in a shiny packet!'

We realised that we weren't alone in our quest to find food that came in a packet, was tasty and appealing to growing children yet also nutritious and safe. A snack that children (and we) could enjoy guilt free.

In developing Wallaroo we wanted to ensure that we did things right. The fruit in all our products is grown in fair-trade community-based farms and allowed to sun ripen before being gently dried. There is absolutely nothing added (most dried fruit in the UK contain preservatives) and all our packs are sized as per NHS guidelines on controlled portions. In addition, we are the only UK company in our category to use a wrapper that not only keeps the products safe but is fully accredited home compostable by Vincotte – meaning empty Wallaroo wrappers can be tossed out along with food scraps or put into a home/garden composter where these will naturally turn to compost. Testing to meet composting requirements even involved an earthworm safety check to ensure that the inks on the packaging did not cause them any harm!

Wallaroo’s deliciously munchy snacks come in three varieties at launch - gently dried mango slices, gently dried pineapple chunks, and toasted organic coconut chips and you can now try some online on Amazon and at

 Picture of Wallaroo

In case you’re wondering about the name – a Wallaroo is in fact a real animal; a herbivore that likes to graze!
We went with 'Yummy by Nature' as our tagline because we felt that this perfectly embodied the ethos behind our products - in a world with so many conflicting signals about what to eat, one sure choice must certainly be to simply stick to what mother nature provides.