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Organic Mango
Dried Mango

What do we want from our food?

Simple natural eating. No additives, preservatives or manipulation of the natural nutrient profile.

Suitable for all diets, including vegans and vegetarians, kosher and halal, and are allergen free.

Designed to stay within nationally defined nutrition and portion control guidance. Healthy from the ground up.

healthy snacks

Lowering food miles by drying fruit in the country of origin. Never using airfreight for any component in the supply chain.

Composting all non-edible parts of the fruit and organic waste by-products from the drying process, to use as natural fertiliser.

Using renewal energy such as solar and biogas to generate electricity and heat for the drying process. Treating water to maximise use.

Ensuring products meet the highest levels of food safety with BRCGS certification from field to pack.

Creating meaningful and sustainable economic activity in some of the most deprived areas of the world.

Working with community led farms and assuring farmers of a regular income and a fair price for their produce.

Helping create skilled jobs in food processing and contributing to the development and sustenance of a local industry.