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Organic Gently Dried Mango Slices 10x30g

Sweet, succulent and chewy, with a real freshness of good seasonally ripened mango. Our organic fruit is picked fresh, gently dried, shipped and packed in the UK, giving you great tasting dried fruit.

    1. Perfect as a snack or as a delicious tropical addition to yogurt and cereal
    2. Each pack is equal to a full portion of fruit (30g dried fruit equals 1 of 5 a day as per NHS)
    3. Meets Public Health England's guidance of 100 calories per pack
    4. Loaded with naturally occurring essential vitamins and minerals
    5. Gluten Free and Vegan certified
    6. No allergens in ingredients
    7. NHS CQUIN & School Food Standards compliant
    8. Wrappers are made from a ground breaking new 100% recyclable paper, leaving no plastic waste

    Minimum 3 months guaranteed shelf life on delivery.

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    Additional volume discounts calculated on cart page as follows:

    Minimum Case Quantity Total Volume Discount
    6 5%
    10 7%
    15 10%
    42 15%


Deliver a fun and healthy snacking experience with Wallaroo’s attractively packaged 100% organic dried fruit.


Leverage Wallaroo’s brand positioning across premium retail stores, offices, visitor attractions and hotel mini bars to give you higher actual POR than similar products.

Delight your customers with unique products that cannot be found in supermarkets.

Provide a safe and sustainable packaged snack option (Organic, Global good agricultural practice (GAP) certified, BRC certified).


Reduce your investment in multiple sku’s within the category as the branding appeals to all age groups.

Maximise store space with shelf ready cases and built-in hanging slots for till point impulse grab and go.

We strive to ensure that our products meet the highest standards

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