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Wallaroo packaging is home compostable

74% of consumers claim they are passionate about living sustainably

11 million say plastic-free supermarket aisles would be most useful

50% of Brits say more plastic-free packaging would be most helpful to them in achieving ‘plastic-free’ living

800% increase in questions about plastics from Waitrose customers last year

Wallaroo home compostable packaging is award winning
Wallaroo packs are certified home compostable

Made from renewable raw materials (FSC PEFC accredited pulp, cellulose from sustainable eucalyptus plantations and other natural resources such as sugarcane, cassava & corn)

Designed to break down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass at ambient temperatures (<30 C) within a maximum of 26 weeks when home composted

Industrial Compost (local council food bin) – less than 12 weeks at 60 C

Compostable vs Biodegradable

What does ‘Biodegradable’ mean

Biodegradable describes a material which will decompose back into natural elements. Arguably however, most things biodegrade over time – for example a garden bench made out of solid wood is designed to be strong and robust and last for many years but this can still be classed as biodegradable as it will breakdown over time. Time is the key differentiator. Where “Biodegradable” terminology is used, it gives a material an unlimited time span in which to breakdown, which could range from a few weeks to a few decades.

What does ‘Compostable’ mean

For a product to be classed as compostable it must also be able to breakdown naturally back into its natural elements Water, Co2 and Biomass. However it has to breakdown under specific composting conditions within set time scales.

Our packaging is designed to compost at ambient temperatures in a home compost environment within 26 Weeks. It is independently tested and accredited to ensure it meets the EU standard EN13432 for composting. To gain accreditation our packaging underwent strict testing for chemical analysis, biodegradation, disintegration and eco-toxicity. This ensure our wrappers will breakdown in set time frames in set conditions with no negative affect on the final compost.

We're very lucky to have Steve lend us his brilliant creative vision on the packaging design

Wallaroo winning the IDI design award 2019